Cheddar Gorge – Black Rock

Hey Guys 👋. Yesterday I blogged a great route starting from the bottom of Cheddar Gorge over to Black Rock. Some of you which may have read my blogs before will be able to recognise part of the route 👍🌍. To begin with, I parked in ‘Cliff Street’ car park, next door to the ‘Riverside’Continue reading “Cheddar Gorge – Black Rock”


Hey Guys, the weather has been pretty wet in the South West of the United Kingdom the last week or so! No surprise there though! 😅 A couple of days ago I decided to travel to ‘Clevedon Seafront’, located in the South West of the United Kingdom, near Bristol. it was a wet and windyContinue reading “Clevedon”

Things To Do And Tips In Hisarönü, Turkey

When I worked in Turkey I lived in Hisarönü. Hisarönü is slightly different from Ölüdeniz. It is more of a small town. It depends on what sort of person you are, as to which of these two places you would stay. The town is in walking distance to the beach but it is a toughContinue reading “Things To Do And Tips In Hisarönü, Turkey”

Things To Do And Tips In Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Hi Everyone 👍. I have been to Turkey a couple of times in my life. Once was when I went on holiday and the second time I went out there to work, so I wanted to share everything I know with you all 😀. When I travelled to Turkey I stayed in the South WestContinue reading “Things To Do And Tips In Ölüdeniz, Turkey”

Things To Do In Paris

Hi Guys! This is my blog about my trip to Paris and tips on things you can do there, as well as travelling. I am going to do my best with telling you everything to do in Paris however just after I booked my flights in December 2018 to go there with my mum weContinue reading “Things To Do In Paris”