Old Harry Rocks, Dorset, UK

Hey Guys 👋. Last week I travelled to ‘Old Harry Rocks‘ which are three chalk formations, including a stack and a stump in the ‘Isle of Purbeck’ in Dorset. They are part of the ‘Jurassic Coast’ and are located on the famous ‘South West Coast Path’.

From where I live this was a 2.5hr journey, one way, not too long, but long enough that day! I used this postcode – ‘BH19 3AU‘, which is for the South Beach Car Park. I arrived at 9.20 am, there were spaces left but the car park was quite full at this time so I would recommend getting there before 9 am. Once I arrived I used my National Trust card to get an all-day ticket, and went to find the toilets!

As I parked I walked over to the sign to get the directions, I walked down the steps which are ahead and took a right turn towards the ‘Bankes Arms‘ pub. After a 2 minute walk, I found the toilets which are located on the left. These were really clean which I thought was pretty good. Next to the toilets, there are wooden signs which point the way to Old Harry Rocks, along with a stone South West Coast Path sign pointing the correct way.

This path led me through the trees to a large open area with the path marked out clearly. Carrying on down this path led me straight to Old Harry Rocks 😀.

It was a little cloudy when I first arrived but it soon brightened up! I took my GoPro with me to get some better photos 👍.

The chalk cliffs a little further on located on the right of Old Harry Rocks!

I spent a little while collecting some footage and then headed along the path to the right, heading towards ‘Swanage Bay’ and across ‘Ballard Down’. To the left of Old Harry Rocks is ‘Studland Bay‘. Looking across the water from Old Harry Rocks is the ‘Isle of Wight‘. Old Harry Rocks used to connect to ‘The Needles‘ which are located in the Isle of Wight, over thousands of years these rocks have eroded meaning they no longer are connected 🌊🌊🌊.

Studland Bay
Swanage Bay

This path is the South West Coast Path, being one of the main reasons I went to visit Old Harry Rocks to plan my route. I followed the path which led me past some incredible views of the chalk cliffs, through a wooden gate and over Ballard Down. The wildflowers were very pretty here!

Carrying on I came to an OS monument where I could see the path continued through Ballard Down which is part of the National Trust Circular Route. I decided to retrace my steps back onto the South West Coast Path which is right next to the National Trust path.

When walking along the path there were many people I could see jet-skiing, out with their boats as well as having lessons on the water.

When I got back to Old Harry Rocks it was 11 am and quite busy with people, lots of crowds! If you are someone, like me, which prefers it when there are fewer people around I would suggest to get there early.

I’m 100% sure you will all love this place if you get the chance to go, so make sure you check it out!

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