South West Coast Path – Durdle Door, Stair Hole and Lulworth Cove

To those of you who have read my blogs before you will already know that I blogged Durdle Door last week 👍. For those of you which haven’t read my blogs before I love to travel and whilst doing so blog my routes to share with you all 😀.

So, this week I went, like I said I would to Durdle Door and blogged the route from there to Lulworth Cove along the South West Coast Path.

This time I went on a Sunday, which was set to be warm with sunshine, according to the weatherman, therefore, I expected it to be very busy here with people. What I did the night before was pre-book the car parking this time to make sure I got a space, you don’t want to travel for 2 hours to find out you can’t park! I did this on the ‘JustPark’ app which was easy and efficient to use, just type in the code for the car park and pay.

When I arrived at the car park I told the guy that we had pre-booked our parking, he still pointed us in the direction of the car park which I parked in last time which is for people which haven’t pre-booked. What I did was, park, then I went back and asked someone else about this and they told me to park in the other car park. It is always important to trust yourself and double-check because this is why people have been given so many parking fines here over lockdown.

Once parked I looked to see where the route could be on the OS map and decided which way to go. I decided to walk to Stair Hole and Lulworth Cove to check it out there. I walked near to the refreshments van which is on the left side of the path down to Durdle Door and saw the South West Coast Path to the left. The South West Coast Path is always clearly signposted with an acorn icon on the sign, this is what you need to look out for.

This path was chalky and easy to follow, it ascends over the top of the cliffs with an amazing view! There was a lot of people out on their speeds boats, jet ski’s and larger boats when I visited. The path continued ahead and slightly to the left where there was a steep descent. This steep descent gives you the view of West Lulworth. From here you can see a second car park which you have the option to park in too.

At the bottom of this path, there is a sign to the left which showed me the path was ahead, through a wooden gate. This led me ahead with the car park to my right and West Lulworth village. Here there were places which you are able to sit and have lunch or refreshments, there was a sign here pointing towards the South West Coast Path. I then took a right which led me down a road with another sign up ahead leading to the coast.

This path led to the left with Stair Hole to the right. Stair Hole is a small cove which is just west of Lulworth Cove. Here you can see the erosion which has caused this natural wonder.

On from Stair Hole just around the corner is Lulworth Cove along with a lookout view to the right. Lulworth Cove is a scallop-shaped cove which was formed around 10,000 years ago by water. This horseshoe cove and pebble beach is part of the ‘World Heritage Jurassic Coastline’ and has been described as a natural wonder.

Lulworth Cove is a beautiful landscape with many boats kept inside the horseshoe-shaped cove along with lots of people swimming and on paddleboards. I am planning to go back here for the day when I can spend time on the water too! From this point, the path led down towards the edge of the bay with the South West Coast Path leading up onto the cliffs overlooking the cove. I stopped here, I didn’t go any further on the path as I am planning the route for the next time I come, to hopefully cover a lot of ground.

After spending time getting some videos for YouTube and some snap shots I retraced my steps the way I came back through the village to the carpark. I then hiked back up the steep path to the top of the cliffs. This is a pretty steep path guys so be prepared for it!

Once back on top of the cliffs overlooking the water I traced the path again back to the carpark. I tracked this on my Fitbit like I usually do to show you the exact route which I took. So, that was the South West Coast Path from Durdle Door to Lulworth Cove 👍. If any of you guys visit this place let me know how you got on 👍📷🌍😀🗺.

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