Hey Guys, the weather has been pretty wet in the South West of the United Kingdom the last week or so! No surprise there though! πŸ˜… A couple of days ago I decided to travel to ‘Clevedon Seafront’, located in the South West of the United Kingdom, near Bristol. it was a wet and windy walk, good job I always enjoy it no matter what the weather πŸ‘.

There is a large amount of parking in Clevedon, there is a pay and display car park next to the pub called ‘The Salt House Bar and Restaurant’ along with parking spaces on the side of the road which are easy to find. Because of covid-19, I couldn’t park on the seafront as it has currently been closed therefore I decided to park down a side road near to Clevedon pier to make the walk longer. If you want to have a shorter walk you can park in the pay and display car park.

If you do decide to go and visit Clevedon make sure you pack your waterproofs, a hat and layers of warm clothes in case the weather does come in 🌧🌧🌧. Sometimes it can be really hot here but you never know with the U.K weather!

I started my walk from Clevedon Pier, along the seafront heading towards the Salt House Bar and Restaurant. Walking along the seafront there is ‘Clevedon Sailing Club’, a bandstand and ‘Clevedon Train’, all on the left. Clevedon train is a small train for children operating mainly when the weather is warm and sunny! β˜€οΈ

Clevedon Pier was built in 1869 for Β£10,000, it was constructed from 370 tonnes of wrought iron. In 1970 two outward spans collapsed, tumbling into the water, leaving the pier head an island between 1970 and 1989. In 1989 Clevedon Pier reopened after major repairs and in 2001 it became the only intact Grade 1 listed pier in England. Clevedon bandstand was built in 1887 by William Green which was lit by gas.

Walking along the seafront there are many trees which have been swept to the side by the wind and continue to grow like this. You guys should remember this if you read my Brean Down blog!

‘Clevedon Marine Lake’ was to the right when I was walking along, which is a popular place for people to go swimming! Often you see lots people swimming in the lake on a hot day, but people do swim here on cold days in the winter months too 🌊🌊🌊.

Once at the end of the seafront I walked up the stone steps, located to the right of The Salt House Bar and Restaurant, and took the right path. This path heads towards a viewpoint which is a stone circle. There is another path which heads straight through the woodland too if you prefer that.

At the view point, I took a photo to show everyone the difference of the water compared to that of say, Durdle Door. You will notice how brown and full of silt it is! I then took the path to the left.

Once heading left this route is called ‘Poets Walk‘. Poets Walk name is said to be a reference of the English poets, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Alfred Tennyson who used to visit and be inspired by Clevedon. Just over the brow of the hill, there is a lookout. This lookout is said to have been built in 1835 by Ferdinand Beeston, the then owner of the Salt House. Continuing along the path, there is a wooden bridge, along with the church to the left, I continued along the path and straight ahead I could see the boats which are docked. These are little boats which people must have a great time taking out! β›΄

To the left, there is a green area which gives a better view of the surrounding area.

As the path continues it starts to descend past benches, through the trees and to the right which took me along a long path with the boats on the right side. As I came down through the trees I spotted some wild rabbits grazing! I took the best photo I could πŸ‘.

Carrying along the path it then splits in two, there is a path left and one straight on – I took the path straight on and straight ahead through a wooden gate way. This path continues with ‘Mendip Springs Golf Course‘ on the left side 🏌️.

After about 5 minutes of walking the path opens out directly next to the waves. From here you able to look back to the top of poets walk! I walked down this path, exploring the waves splashing everywhere! The path looks like it continues for a longer distance although I have never been that far before so I will go back another day to blog that path and see where it ends up!

Be sure to check Clevedon out if you are in the South West of the U.K!

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