Crooks Peak

This is my blog on Crooks Peak guys! Crooks Peak I used to walk many many times when I was a child with my mum and brother. I still love to go there now. It is located in the South West of the England in Somerset, an area between ‘Shute Shelf’ and ‘Winscombe’.

Brief Description of Crooks Peak.

** Height of Crooks Peak – 191 Metres.

** Difficulty – Easy.

** Distance – 10 Kilometres.

** Duration – 2 – 3 hours.

I often walk here from Axbridge, along the Strawberry Line, which adds another 20 minute journey to the walk but today I blogged the walk from the main car park which most people start in which haven’t been here before.

The main car park is at King’s Wood. The postcode for this is ‘BS25 1NW’. Once parked, there is a wooden gate which has National Trust signs. Today I walked through this wooden gate and straight up the path ahead of me into the woodland area.

This woodland area is always pretty no matter what time of year I go. There is often wild garlic and bluebells covering large areas during the summer, with the Autumn months being covered in leaves. To the left, there are lots of mountain bike jumps where the children like to go and play.

This woodland path can be quite steep for some but it’s not too bad at all if you are used to walking! It can be muddy so make sure you have your walking boots or wellington boots with you 👍.

Once at the top of the woodland the landscape opens out into a large grassland. Continuing ahead there is a path over to the left side which goes up over a hill and continues in another direction bringing you down through the woodland but I will describe this and add the photos later on in the blog 👍.

Ahead is the route I take most of the time which leads to Hill Farm on the right. If we, the locals, are lucky we often see the Exmoor ponies here grazing or seeking shelter underneath the large trees! Today I managed to see lots of sheep and two small fouls with their mothers 🐴🐴🐴.

I continued up the steep slope which is straight ahead. There are two path’s, one to the left, one to the right, I often walk up the left and back down the one to the right.

Once I reach the top there is the monument to the left. The land is very open here with a view of Crooks Peak straight ahead, with Cheddar reservoir and Glastonbury Tour to the left. I often sit here and have a drink for 5 minutes before continuing.

As the path continues towards the peak it starts to descend quickly, there is a bench down this slope which people often sit on which is dedicated to somebody local which loved to walk here. This path descends and then levels out. There is often lots of sheep grazing on this part of the walk either to the left among the grassland or to the right in the fields.

The path continues ahead with the path bearing round to the left side with the peak directly ahead.

Walking along this path there is a wall to the right side made out of rocks. There is plenty of signs pointing to different routes along the way.

This green walking bag has come all over the place with me walking!

There is a final steep ascent to reach the top of Crooks Peak. Once at the top there are large boulders which you can sit on and have your lunch. This is what I often do!

From the top of the peak you are able to see;

** Cheddar Reservoir

** Brean Down

** The Bristol Channel

** The Coast of South Wales

** Brent Knoll

** Glastonbury Tour Outline and many more places!

When you are walking up to Crooks Peak you will be able to see many different paths! These are all great routes to walk and its good to explore the different routes you can take. Just be aware that some of these routes can take you into local villages quite far away from King’s Wood car park, make sure you plan it!

On the way back I retraced my steps the same way I came until I got to the place where I first came out of the woodland.

Here I took the right path which led up and over the brow of the hill. I carried on straight ahead until the hill descended, and turned to the left which cuts through to the woodland.

I followed the path through this wooded area turning slightly to the left and carried on this path until I got to a wooden gate.

After the wooden gate, I continued along the path which leads back to the car park. If you look to the right side you can often see the Strawberry Line 🍓 from here.

This is a great walk to do guys so make sure you check it out 👍😎

This is the recording from my Fitbit which mapped the route to show you guys 👍.

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