Brean Down

Today I went to ‘Brean Down‘ which is located in ‘Brean‘ just along from ‘Berrow‘ in Somerset. Brean Down is a promontory, standing 97 metres high and extends 1.5 miles into the Bristol Channel. It is owned by the National Trust, toilets are available and a cafe. The postcode for the National Trust car park is ‘TA8 2RS‘. This car park is free if you are a member of the National Trust, if not it is currently £5 for non-members – in the winter months, it costs a lot less to park. I have walked Brean Down many times and wanted to blog this walk for everyone 👌.

Brief Description of Brean Down.

** Height of Brean Down: 92 Metres

** Difficulty: Moderate

** Distance: 5.78 Kilometres

** Ascent to Descent: 170 Metres each way.

** Duration: 1 – 2 Hours.

Once I parked I usually tend to walk up the steps which are a fairly steep ascent to the top but this is closed currently due to COVID-19, Instead, I walked up the right side path which is an accessible route. When walking towards these paths there is a Private Road sign, to the right are fields. The photo below is the path towards the steps.

This path is also is a steep ascent. Halfway up I stopped in a lookout on the right where I could see Brent Knoll through the trees.

Once I was at the top it opened out to be fairly level. From here immediately on the right side I could see Weston-Super-Mare, in the distance was Clevedon.

Carrying along the path I came to a stone boulder with the number 7 in steel attached to it.

The path carried on uphill slightly and to the left was where the steps are present. Carrying on along the grass path up over the top of the hill there were steps which led me down hill. The path which you will see to the right if you visit Brean Down is the wheelchair accessible route.

Whilst walking along this path there was somebody flying a plane over Weston-Super-Mare creating pictures in the sky! The photo I have uploaded shows a smiley face in the sky – you can just about make it out 👍.

After a little while walking I reached an ‘OS’ marker. As I came over the brow of the hill I could see Steep Holm and Flat Holm which you can often see from many different places when walking in this area of Somerset. If you remember I could see these when on the top of Black Down 👍.

Once over the brow of these hills, I could see Brean Down Fort. The hill descended towards the fort where it levelled off. The fort is said to have been built to defend the country against the possible Napoleonic invasion. Brean Down is believed to have been built between 1864 – 1871, It is now a ruin, however, there is a lot to see including gun platforms which are an example of an important part Brean Down played defending the British Channel. The National Trust has owned this land since 2002 and since have added information boards which give an insight to what buildings were used for.

Before the National Trust owned Brean Down my dad often took me and my brother here when we were young where we used to run around the grounds playing army’s. Back then it didn’t have the safety which is in place now with the locked gates so we used to go in and out of all the bunkers! 😅. We loved playing here 👍. From the fort, it is easy to see across to Wales along with ‘Hinkley Point Power Station‘.

After spending time at the fort I walked back along the path which was to the left, the accessible route, I mentioned previously. This path then led me back to where I began the walk.

Whilst walking along Brean Down you will notice that all the trees are wind swept. This is because of the high winds which are present on Brean Down meaning the trees stay swept across all year round!

I tracked the route on my Fitbit, like I usually do, to make the route clearer to 👍.

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