Things To Do And Tips In Hisarönü, Turkey

When I worked in Turkey I lived in Hisarönü. Hisarönü is slightly different from Ölüdeniz. It is more of a small town. It depends on what sort of person you are, as to which of these two places you would stay. The town is in walking distance to the beach but it is a tough walk, I have walked there once but wouldn’t do it again because the road isn’t safe. The good thing is, it is a 10 minute bus or taxi journey down to Ölüdeniz.

Hisarönü has some very good places to eat! I ate in many restaurants whilst I was living there 👍. The restaurants which I would recommend are; Pine Hill, The Reef Bar Bistro Club – I went here many times!! McKebab, Shanghai Dragonaro Chinese Restaurant, The Lemon Tree Restoran Cafe Bar and The Sun Trap – This was a favourite of mine! These restaurants have great food and great people working there too! 😀

The town has some great places to stay. I would recommend; Liberty Hotels and Pine Hill. I have been to both of these places and they are both great. These hotels have good sized swimming pools!

The bus in Turkey is called a ‘Dolmuş’. It is a small minibus which will pull over on the side of the road however you need to put your hand out for it, like the taxis in London. There are also designated bus stops for the dolmuş too. It can be quite cramped on the dolmuş so be prepared for this! There are times where you will find you can sit down if it isn’t a busy dolmuş but during the peak times of the day it will be busy. The Dolmuş is around 3 Lira, give or take, one way to Fethiye or Ölüdeniz 👍.

The money which is used in Turkey is the Turkish Lira, which is mainly bank notes, there are coins used too called ‘Kurus‘. The pound is a lot stronger than the Lira therefore the exchange rate is good when travelling there.

Fethiye is the nearest city from Hisarönü. It has a main shopping centre called ‘Erasta Fethiye Shopping Mall‘ which has lots of Turkish shops as well European Shops. It has a cinema which shows mainly Turkish films however it does show a couple of English films too. It has an arcade which has bowling, pool tables and the usual arcade games such as getting the basketball through the hoop etc 👍.

From Hisarönü in the direction of Fethiye, there is ‘Waterworld Waterpark‘. This is a great place to go for the day. There is plenty to do with a large number of different slides. There is an area for small children where you can paddle the boat as fast as you would like around a canal type structure around the park, slides which have different heights to choose from as well as a couple of other very large slides. This waterpark has two pools, one large one to swim in as well as another which has a wave machine within it. This turns on every hour or so.

There is plenty of sunbeds all around the pool area, lockers to put your belongings in safely and a cafe which serves hot and cold food and drink. This place is an 8 minute drive, you can get a dolmuş, taxi, or minibus if you book it as a trip. The website for this place is; 😀.

Kayaköy is a place I have been many times when being in Turkey. It is 5 kilometres from Hisarönü and has been completely abandoned since 1923. When people lived here this place was full of life with schools, churches, shops and businesses. This place is where the Greeks and the Turks lived together with the Greeks calling it ‘Levissi‘ and the Turks calling it ‘Kayaköy‘. With the combination of the First World War, The Ottoman Empire and the attempted Greek occupation of the Anatolian Region this forced the decline of Kayaköy. Greek Christian citizens were forced to go to the harbour for deportation and Muslim Turks were expelled from Greece.

Fethiye harbour is great to go to when visiting Turkey. It is full of expensive yachts, cafes, restaurants and bars out on the harbourside. I have seen many turtles swimming here on the harbour! It has amazing views and the atmosphere is different to that of Ölüdeniz and Hisarönü – it is much more of a calm atmosphere. In Fethiye it will be handy if you have learnt simple sentences on how to order drinks or food as they do not speak English as much in Fethiye.

Hope you have all enjoyed the blogs on Turkey! 😀👍. I will be back with more blogs soon!

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