Chew Magna

Hi Guys! Hope you are all well! πŸ˜€. Today I walked a route in Chew Magna. Chew Magna is located just below Bristol City in the South West. This was a route was recommended by somebody who has walked it many times.

I started by putting into my sat nav ‘Winford Road‘ which is where the free car park is located. Once I was on this road it led me to ‘Chew Magna‘ village which had a sign for a free car park on the left side. This car park is located on the right side of Winford Road. The car park was free and on the grounds of the ‘The Pelican‘ pub. Once parked I walked through the car park back to Winford Road. I looked across the road, slightly to the left and saw the Post Office which located the road I needed to start walking on to find the beginning of the ‘Three Peaks Walk‘.

The road which I began to walk down was ‘Silver Street‘. I continued walking down this road, past the church and school on my right and over a small bridge.

To begin with, I followed signs for the cycle route 3 which was leading me to the beginning of the Three Peaks Walk. I walked along ‘North Chew Terrace‘ road which led me to another road with a post box on the left along with signs for the cycle route and Three Peaks Walk.

I passed ‘North Chew Farm‘ on the left as well as signs for footpaths, I carried on ahead following the Three Peaks sign until I got to a point where the road carried on to the right with a track slightly to the left and a gate straight ahead. I went through this gate.

The field I went straight through was open land with great views. Once I reached the top of the hill I walked through the metal gateway into another field, which again had a path leading straight on with a second gate πŸ‘.

The next field was slightly overgrown, however, I could still see the path enough to follow it. The path split into two, I took the right path which took me among all of the slightly overgrown bushes! πŸ˜‚

Carrying on I got to a point which led me into open land. This had crops growing. It was very peaceful and quiet here! I am not quite sure which crops the farmer was growing here so I will need to research this and let you all know πŸ˜….

The path continued along the left side of this field along the hedgerow which led to a gate up ahead, slightly to the right, into another field.

In this field I walked diagonally across it, I came to an open gateway which led into private land with a farm up ahead.

When walking towards the farm there was a sign and gateway to the right for the Three Peaks Walk, therefore I took this path. This led through a private field with right of way public footpaths.

To the left, there was a pond. I walked alongside the pond and up ahead there was a path with the farm being on the left.

This led to a metal gate as well as a wooden gate with signs marking out the routes. It had a sign for the public footpath, straight ahead, and the Three Peaks Walk to the right. This took me through another field. Here we found a football so we stopped and had a little kickabout! 😁 

I came to a large gate which led out onto a road. Here there was a road to the left and a road up ahead which had two turnings, one to the left and one to the right. I didn’t take the immediate left but the left up ahead.

The road carried straight on with a stream to the left, ‘Sunnyside Cottage’ was also to the left too.

On the left side along this road, there was a wooden gateway which led through another field which seemed to be private land, with another gate straight across the field.

After walking through here it led to outbuildings which had two footpath signs. This is where I wasn’t too sure where to go therefore I followed the road which is on the O.S map as being a route you can take. Walking alongside the road I came to another path which led me through another field! As you can tell, there was a lot of fields and gates within this route! πŸ˜…

Once I had got to and walked through this wooden gate I took a photo to make sure I blogged the hay bales to the right when we suddenly realised we were back to the field with the pond on private land! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ So, the route which I was aiming to blog from beginning to end didn’t work out entirely! I did track this on my Fitbit like I usually do so that if this does happen I can go back and examine this GPS map along with my O.S map which I mark out the route on to see where I went wrong. I have uploaded both on to this blog for you all to see.

This is why it is always important you know where you are on the map, tracking where you have walked, looking out for specific points marked out, however it can be difficult at times to know exactly where you are especially like today when some of the gate ways were not maintained and overgrown which were hard to locate at times.

It was a great walk with scenic views so it wasn’t all bad. I will try to go back here soon and retrace my steps to see where I took the wrong turn πŸ‘.

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