Black Down – Rowberrow Warren Woods

Hi Everyone, this is my blog on walking to Rowberrow Warren Woods from the Black Down Hills located in Somerset. If you have read my blogs before you will have seen I have walked these hills before sharing the different routes with everyone. If you have not, follow the directions in my previous blogs for the details on where to park to begin. This is in ‘Burrington Ham – Route 1‘.

Today once I had parked I walked through the wooded area, I crossed over the road to the ‘Black Down‘ sign and walked up the path to the three different routes πŸ™‚.

For this walk, I took the path to the left as I did in my blog for ‘Black Down – Route 2‘. I continued up the path until it split into three different paths, one to the left, one straight ahead and one to the right. I took the right path which lead me to the monument.

Once at the monument I carried on down the path straight ahead following the footpath signs at every point. This is where I came across the horses and cattle in my first blog for Black Down. This time the horses and cattle were grazing on a different part of the Black Down hills. πŸŽπŸ‚

When I came to the end of this path I came to three different paths again, one to the left, one straight ahead and one to the right. I took the path straight ahead which I had intended on taking the first time I walked this route.

This path lead me across flat land heading straight for Rowberrow Warren Woods.

When I came to the end of this path, straight ahead, to the left there was a wooden gate.

I walked through this wooden gate and took the right path heading down the hill. This lead me through the forest trees. At the bottom of the path, I came to a sign which was information on the Mountain Biking routes within the forest. It also mentioned the trees around us were Christmas Trees.

I decided to take the left path among the woods.

As I continued on this path I saw logs piled up on the sides of the path, this is also where the path split into two. There was a path on the left and right. I took the left path which was slightly uphill.

As this path continued there were great views of the surrounding area, although it was a bit cloudy and wet today so it was a little hazy!

This path was around a 10 minute walk until it reached the bottom of a cross way of paths. There was a path to the left which was a wooded area, a path to the right which looked like it lead to a road and another path on the right which was the ‘Mendip Way‘ to Shipham.

I decided to take the left path which was leading up through a wooded area, this path lead to a wooden gate which also had a sign for the ‘Mendip Way‘ πŸ‘.

I took this route through the gate which was leading to an old farm house. It looks like a great place to live! This place was called ‘Tynings Farm‘.

This place was very pretty with fields full of wild flowers and horses.

Once I had walked through this private land it lead me to a point where there were two options. One option was to walk along the road on the right which would have led me along the same road which was in my previous blog for Black Down or take the left turn which led up over the hill. I took the left path up over the hills where there were fields either side.

When I got to the top of this path there was a gate which I went through. To the left there was an old war bunker, there are two on the top of Black Down. Black Down used to have a fake decoy town designed to distract German bombers away from Bristol. An extensive series of hills were dug too called ‘tumps’ to deny easy landing conditions.

At this particular point I was then back on the top of Black Down with Rowberrow Warren Woods on my left! I took the path to my right which was a different path to the ones I have taken previously which lead me back over the top of the Black Down hills towards the start point of the walk. The photo below on the left shows the Rowberrow Warren Woods, the photo on the right shows Burrington Ham straight ahead.

I walked this route alongside my mum Sarah, we always enjoy walking together and have seemed to have walked miles during this lockdown! During this walk, we were pretty lucky as it didn’t rain once, apart from the last 15 minutes where we got a little wet in the showers which we always enjoy! πŸ˜πŸ‘.

Thanks for reading everyone. πŸ‘

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