Burrington Ham. Route 2

Hi Guys! This week I went back to Burrington Ham which I blogged about last week and chose a different route to blog.

This route is much longer than the first one which I went through with you all and it is more varied. If I’m honest I do prefer this one to the first one which I shared with you all, it is nice to have different routes to blog for people, not everyone can walk as far as one another, people have different abilities.

If you are new to reading my blogs make sure you read Burrington Ham Route 1. This will have the directions for you to know where to park and which roads to take to get to the starting point for both routes. And, make sure you always pack a bag full of essentials! Everyone will know this if they have read my previous blogs, this is very important. For an example list you can read my Snowdon blog or Backwell blog, however, for a short walk you don’t need to pack as much as if you were climbing a mountain. obviously!

When looking at the Burrington Ham sign in the car park I took the right path which is sign posted well.

I went straight up this path which came to an open green area. On the right there was a gate which led through to an open field, on the left there was a path which leads to Route 1 which I blogged last week and ahead was a separate path which I am blogging for this route.

I went straight ahead and followed this path. I walked this route with my mum as we often go walking together. We explored a part of the woodland area here whilst walking this route, after we backtracked and continued on the walk which we had planned. After walking straight ahead the path gets to a point where you can go straight on or take a sharp left, as if you are going back on yourself. I took this path to the left, there were lots of cows on this route, they were all friendly!

We carried on walking on this path until we got to a point where there were two distinctive paths on the right. When looking at these two paths we took the right path. Some of these paths are not easy to see so it’s important to keep an eye out for them all!

This path then continued past a distinctive tree on the right side – Look out for this!

The path then continued into a woodland area where there were two paths we came upon. We took the left path.

The path continued until we reached the rocks which I told you about in the last blog for Burrington Ham Route 1. We sat here and had some lunch in the sun ☀️ . From this point, it is easy to see the different paths.

After stopping for lunch we took the path straight ahead and uphill which you can see in the distance on the photo on the left. This then took us along the same path which I blogged on the previous blog too.

In the photo on the left below you are able to see ‘Rowberrow Warren Woods‘ in the distance slightly! 🌳🌿

At the end of the walk, we bought an ice cream and a twister lolly! It was such a hot day so this had to be done! The ice cream truck is often here on hot days when the sun is out.

Thanks for reading again guys! Hope you enjoyed it! Rach. 😁

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