White Horse Hill

Hi Everybody! Today I went on a road trip to visit ‘White Horse Hill‘. White Horse Hill is located in Oxfordshire, Uffington. It is thought to date back to the Bronze Age or Iron Age measuring 110 metres long which is formed from deep trenches filled with crushed white chalk. The horse is situated on the upper slopes of White Horse Hill which belongs to the National Trust and is a designated ‘Site of Specific Interest’.

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The postcode which I used to get to the car park was – SN7 7UK. We arrived here at 10 am, I didn’t want to get there any later because I knew we would struggle to park. The National Trust explains that the car park is free for National Trust Members. However, if you are not a member the car park is Ā£2 for up to two hours or Ā£4 all day. We are National Trust Members which is a great membership, always worth it. I would recommend getting this membership if you enjoy the outdoors and exploring. We have been to so many National Trust sites now and have saved so much money by becoming members.

Once we parked in this car park we took the main footpath through the first gate which led us into a field with lots of sheep and lambs. The sheep in this field were tame and very used to people walking through.

We reached another wooden gate which led across the road which we had driven up. This then lead us up the hill. Up here we saw the signs for the ‘White Horse’ and ‘Uffington Castle’.

Whilst there we saw signs for ‘Dragon’s Hill‘ too. Dragon’s Hill is located on the lower slopes of White Horse Hill. The perfect shape of the mound has led people to believe it may be man-made.

On the top of the White Horse Hill we found an OS monument.

Further on from the monument we found a wooden gate which had two paths going left and right. We decided to walk a little way down the white left track which led us to some crops. The right path led us along where we found a bridleway which was a pretty track to walk down and another path leading straight on. We didn’t walk too far as we don’t have an OS map for this area.

On top of the hill was the Uffington Castle Hillfort. The remains are no longer here and there is no castle to see. Some people get confused with this and think there is a castle here, there isn’t, but the hill shows where the castle would have been along with the moat.

The views from up on the hill were great, we were lucky that it was good weather whilst we visited. I haven’t written as much for this blog as previous ones because when you get there you can roam around however you please. There is no set route which you have to take. We were here for around 3 hours walking around, as well as having a picnic, I would say this is enough time to visit however if you have an OS map of the area you would be able to make a real day out of it! šŸ‘

Below are some more snap shots I took whilst we were there šŸ‘

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