Black Down. Route 2

Hi Guys. Today I went back to Black Down to try out a different route. I was again aiming to get from Black Down to Rowberrow Warren Woods. This is the route and how it went!

I started from the same point as the route which I walked on 1st June 2020. To get to this start point read my blog which is Black Down Route 1 ๐Ÿ‘. When I started on my last route I told you guys about me taking the right path which lead up over the hillside of Black Down. This time I took the path on the left following the route which I decided to take looking at the OS map for this area. This time mum came along with me to explore this new route.

The left path took us slightly uphill with pretty wildflowers around us. It took us undercover slightly with trees, once through the trees, there was a wooden gate on our left side with a sign for private property.

We then continued up the path, past a metal gate on the left as well as a tower on our right side.

I have taken photos of all of these landmarks for you to look out for. We then came to a point where the path split three ways. A wooden gate was on the left, a path straight ahead and to the right another – we took the path straight ahead which had lots of dry markings from cattle hooves!

As we walked we looked out for cattle up ahead, it is important to do this, especially whilst they have calves at this time. It is important to read the behaviour of the cattle when among them. Below are the images of a tree which is good to look out for. We continued to walk ahead and saw another wooden lookout view in the field. I will research what these are for as we were unsure! They may be for watching wildlife …. The land at this point did open out but we kept to the path along the tree line.

This path wasn’t very defined so it is important to keep watching for where the path is leading to and observing. We decided to follow the row of trees and the fencing which was the correct path.

After walking across this part of the land we reached another wooden gate which was on our left side. This was the correct route we needed to take. On this gate is had signs for the path which we needed to take including the ‘West Mendip Way’.

Once through this gate, we could see sheep and deer scat. We couldn’t see any cows which was a good sign!

We headed diagonally across this field where we came upon another gate which was metal.

We headed through this gate and could see different paths in the grass.

We decided to take the left path which walked us alongside the treeline however it looked like both these paths were heading the same way across the field anyway!

After we got to the bottom of the slight hill in the field we came across another path on the left side which would have previously had a gate, however, just the wooden posts were left. On our route, we were aiming for a road which we needed to cross. Once we took this path and went past the wooden gate posts we could see the road which we were aiming for which was a good sign!

We walked to the bottom of this field which had a wooden gate and an information sign for ‘The Lots Nature Reserve’.

We went through the gateway and onto the road taking a right turn.

We walked down the road for around 5 minutes looking for another path on the left side. We then came to a turning on the left which had a cattle grid and signs on the left side on a wooden post. Once we had seen this we knew it was the correct turning.

Some of this land which we walked looked like private land with the driveway leading up to some houses. On the left, there were fields which were growing maize in, on the right, there were some old ruins! It was good to see all these different things whilst exploring.

Towards the end of the driveway, we saw signs on a post for the ‘West Mendip Way’ along with two separate paths. The path on the left straight ahead was leading to a private house, we took the right path.

As we walked along this path there was a field to our right with lots of little lambs in! On the left, there was a farm.

As we continued up this path we got to a metal gate on the left with the path we were on continuing straight ahead. There was another sign for the footpath we were following therefore we turned left to follow this.

This path took us through a field which had lots more sheep and lambs in! There was a stone wall on the right, we walked through this field straight ahead and eventually came to a metal gate.

After we walked through the gateway we came to two paths, we took the left path heading down under the trees. As we got to the bottom of this path there were another two paths! One on the left leading into ‘Longwood’ and a path on the right side.

Looking at the map we followed the path on the right through another gateway which was signposted for the ‘West Mendip Way’.

The path then became much narrower, at the end, it then opened out into open grassland. When we walked out into this area we were surprised because we knew exactly where we were! Haha. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

We have walked here many times, we were very close to Cheddar Gorge! Here we got a little confused with which path we were taking as the map didn’t seem to be adding up entirely with the paths! ๐Ÿ˜€ We decided to take the right path because we knew where the other two paths were leading and we knew this wasn’t where we were aiming for.

Along this path, we followed the stone wall with large rocks on our right side, with lots of trees surrounding us. It is always pretty around this area to walk.

Once we came to the end of this path we were near a path which we walk very often. This isn’t the path which we were expecting to come across entirely when we had looked at the route so this confused us a little, but we took the path for the ‘Gorge Walk’ on the right side because this is what the map said! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

We walked through the wooden gate which took us up a steep hill. This path is easy to follow, you won’t get lost here at all! As we continued on this path it took us to another wooden gate with a few steps leading up to it. We went through here and continued following the path.

The path lead down to another wooden gate. I know there are lots of gates I have spoken about but I want to make sure I list everything in detail! This point had a wooden sign too. We took the right path which lead up some very steep steps! We have walked up these many times!

The path continued with a fence on the right side and more steps! At this particular point on this path, there is always a great view of Cheddar Gorge.

Near to the end of the path, we realised that we were in Cheddar and heading down to a route which takes you to Cheddar Gorge itself. This is not the route which we were aiming for therefore we decided to take a right up over the brow of a hill and to the right, we found a sign for ‘Piney Sleight’. Because the map wasn’t making too much sense to us at this point we could then locate this place on the map and head in the right direction.

From this point, we could also see the trees for ‘Rowberrow Warren Woods’. These were on our left side. These trees are always distinctive and easy to see. They are large, tall trees which are dark in colour. If you go walking often you will be able to distinguish landmarks like these with ease. We went over the stone wall which was to the right of the sign for ‘Piney Sleight’ which lead us into open fields with a stone wall on the left side.

This lead us to a wooden stile with another field ahead. We kept an eye out for any cattle which we may come across, however, because the grass was fairly long this is often a sign that farmers are growing it on for hay, therefore you won’t tend to find cattle in these fields because if they were they would eat all the grassland.

Continuing through this field we walked past a stone wall and a through a metal gate.

Afterwards, we came to two other small stone walls which we could climb over which was leading us around the back of an old stone house.

This we could locate on the map to be ‘Piney Sleight Farm’. Now we finally knew where we were on the map! To the right, we could see the entrance to ‘Piney Sleight Farm’ with a path to the left. We took this path on the left.

When we got halfway along this path we came to a cattle grid and a place we recognised from the beginning of the walk. We were back where we took the left turn across the field with sheep in, however, this was now on our right side. We continued down this stretch baring to the left side and past the old ruins on the left until we reached the road again.

By the time we had got to the road we had been walking for around 3.5 hours so we decided to head back retracing our steps, we had managed to find a good route even if we didn’t entirely plan this one! We took a right back along the road and left through the gateway to the top of the field. We then retraced our steps right through the fields and through the next gateway.

When we got to the third gateway along we had a look at the old war bunker which is located by the gate. Where we live there are often lots of these sorts of things around, especially somewhere such as ‘Brean Down’. I will blog about this place another day.

After this, we took a right turn following the fencing and trees again until we got to the path which had the dry cow hoof marks. Following the path down this then took us to the bottom of the path where we had started the walk.

This walk in total once back at the car took us 4 hours 11 minutes with a total of 13.73 km. It was a really enjoyable day exploring in the countryside which is what we love to do. We didn’t make it to ‘Rowberrow Warren Woods’, but we know which path we ended up on, where we got slightly mixed up and found a really great route to blog. Next time I will make it to ‘Rowberrow Warren Woods’ to blog it for everyone! I tracked this on my Fitbit again, I have taken a snapshot of the route which we took on the Fitbit as well as a photo of the map which we used. The circle on the map is the start point where there are 3 different routes to take. I have then penciled in arrows of the way we went. ๐Ÿ‘

Hope you guys all enjoyed reading this blog! Hopefully, you can do this route someday when things go back to normal. For those of you which already follow me if you could share my blog on your social media, it would be appreciated! ๐Ÿ‘

Some more of our snaps!

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