Things To Do And Tips In Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Hi Everyone 👍. I have been to Turkey a couple of times in my life. Once was when I went on holiday and the second time I went out there to work, so I wanted to share everything I know with you all 😀.

When I travelled to Turkey I stayed in the South West of Turkey near a city called Fethiye. When I went on holiday I stayed in ‘Ölüdeniz’, when working out there I stayed in ‘Hisarönü’.

I flew into ‘Dalaman’ airport both times which is around a 45 minute journey from Ölüdeniz and Hisarönü. I arranged my transport from the airport to my accommodation for my holiday beforehand. When working I was picked up by a colleague.


In Ölüdeniz I stayed in ‘Liberty Hotels’. I would recommend staying here, they were attentive, friendly and the food was fresh every night!

Ölüdeniz is a great place to stay. It is located in a lovely part of Turkey which is very popular with tourists. The Ölüdeniz beach is a 5 minute walk from the hotel down the street where you can find many bars and restaurants.

At this hotel, there are 2 pools, 1 main pool and a smaller pool. There is a large amount of seating and a bar right by the pool! The restaurant was great for Breakfast and Dinner in the evening. I went half board on my holiday. You can choose to sit inside if you prefer or there is seating outside. 😀 We sat outside every night, I love being able to sit outside to eat in the warm climate.

During the evening there is often ‘Evening Performances’ which are held at the hotel by the pool area and bar. This can be a mixture of different shows each night which they will inform you of at the beginning of the week.

In Ölüdeniz there is a large selection of bars, shops and restaurants to choose from. The VIP bar is located across the road from Liberty Hotel which can be very popular! There is also; Buzz Bar, Joseph’s Restaurant – the staff are lovely here, all of them down the road towards the beach are great. There are lots of small shops which are available to purchase essentials or a light lunch. They are easy to find – just head towards the beach and you will see them 👍.

Ölüdeniz is where you can locate tickets for boat trips, rent out speed boats, paragliding trips, jeep safari, Turkish baths and many more! Whilst I was in Turkey both times I experienced all of these 😀. It is easy to see all of the ticket offices however, look around, don’t take the first offer. The Turkish will always be in a way trying to hassle you whilst walking down the street, so, be firm and look around before you buy.

The jeep safari is a must if you want to have an adventure! The Turkish company will pick you up in the morning nice and early from your hotel. You will jump into the jeep with several different people which have also booked on. If you don’t like to get wet or cold I would suggest not to do the jeep safari. When I went we pulled into a garage, a hosepipe was taken and sprayed all over the top of us! I had no idea what to expect for the day considering this was in the first hour haha 😅. You will also have the chance to buy water guns for the water fights which you have with the different jeeps which drive past you!

During the day you will visit many places such as; The Ancient City of Tlos, Saklikent Canyon, Trout farm and restaurant Yakapark, Waterfalls and Mud Baths. The company which I would suggest to book with is Animal. 🦓🦓🦓 We decided when we got to the Saklikent Canyon to try out the rafting which you will get the chance to do. This was good fun!

The photos below show the Trout farm and restaurant in Yakapark.

The large boat trips are always great too, they are easy to book – they don’t run every day so I would suggest if you want to do these activities make sure you go to book them on the first day of your holiday. You do stop off on the boat trips to enjoy the scenery too. I will say if you don’t like wasps this may not be for you. The wasps somehow seem to stay on the boat all day, this wasn’t for me therefore on one of the trips I decided not to go 🤦‍♀️.

Paragliding is great however be aware there are dangers to it – obviously. We booked with a company with a reduced price as we went on holiday at the end of the season. We met them in the morning, they took us up the Babadağ Mountain in the jeep and got strapped up with an instructor. The instructor was great, they take photos of you on the paraglide as well as the scenery if you ask them. You will then land on the footpath just before the beach. Afterwards, they will give you a CD with all of your photos on.


Ölüdeniz beach has got the famous Blue Lagoon which is situated a 30 minute walk from the main beach. Alternatively, you can get the Dolmuş there for a few Lira. The blue lagoon is split into different sections where different companies own certain parts and charge different amounts for entrance. I used to go into ‘Sea Horse Beach Club‘ which is one of the better locations on the blue lagoon. Here I would hire a sunbed for the day and often rent a pedal boat to go out further into the lagoon in search of turtles. I often swam next to lots of turtles!

There is so much to do in Turkey that you will never run out of things to do! Hopefully, I will be able to go back there sometime soon 👍

In my next blog I am blogging about Hisarönü which is the town just 2 miles from Ölüdeniz – look out for it next!

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