Black Down. Route 1

Hi Guys, this is my blog on the ‘Black Down Hills’. I’ve just got back from walking and wanted to blog this one straight away so, here it is!

For this walk I started in the same car park as my last two blog on ‘Burrington Ham, Route 1 and 2’. For the postcode to this car park and the road names too make sure you read my Burrington Ham, Route 1 blog. πŸ‘

I wasn’t sure to begin with where to begin this walk so I parked in the car park and walked through a wooded area. When facing the road, looking into the fields on the other side, this is directly to the left hand side. There is a small path which takes less than a minute to walk through and brought me back to the road to a safer place to cross. I crossed over the road and directly in front of me was a sign for ‘Black Down’.

I followed the arrow to the footpath route which lead me past a property on my right and up through a rocky path which was under the trees.

I came to a wooden gate which I went through and saw a sign on my right for Black Down. I then walked out into an open bit of land which had a path to the left and a path to the right. I decided to take the right path aiming to walk towards Shipham Village and Rowberrow Woods. I was planning on these two areas being my finishing point and organising a lift back to the car!

I walked for around 5 minutes when I came to a point where the path split into two. I chose to take the path on my left as it was heading up over the brow of the hill.

I always enjoy walking high up, it also gives you a great idea of where you are overlooking the local area if you haven’t walked the route before. This path lead was all uphill, rocky underfoot and wide.

Once I got a lot higher up the path then split into two again. To be honest I wasn’t sure which path to take because this was my first time walking this route but I took the left route because it looks the same underfoot as my last path, so it made sense to take this route.

This path again had fairly large rocks and continued for about 5 minutes. As I reached the top I then got to a monument. I was pleased to see this, it’s always a good sign to see one of these! πŸ‘

On the left side there was a sign for an ancient monument, following another path to the left, on the right side there were two paths. I wasn’t sure again which path to take but I took the path on the left because again, this was heading towards Shipham and Rowberrow Woods.

Looking straight ahead I could see this path went straight for sometime and was heading directly for the woods I was aiming to get to, so it seemed like a good path πŸ˜….

After a few minutes I came to another wooden sign post which had the arrow directing to the right slightly so I followed this baring to the right.

Again after a little while the path then split again. I took the left path which had an arrow for footpath, with the bridle path being on the right side.

I continued on this path for around 15 minutes. When walking along this path underfoot it started to get sandy! I wasn’t expecting this from the Black Down hills so it will be interested to research why it is like that up there.

As i continued to walk I then came across around 50 wild horses which I wasn’t expecting at all! I don’t mind horses at all, however, there was around 30 of them right on the path which I was walking.

So, I decided to give them lots of space and try to walk around them among the grass which was fine but as I was on my own I was suddenly quite aware I had nobody with me if anything was to happen. Although, I had told a couple of people where I was going if they did not hear from me for hours. Remember, it is really important to tell somebody where you are going. If you have read my blogs before I often mention this! There has been many people which haven’t done this and have been in situation’s they have been unable to get out of!

Once I had walked around the horses I then continued ahead on the path I was on, I couldn’t check the sign because it was in the middle of the herd, so i left it and just aimed for the woods. As I was walking along I could see what I thought was more horses in the distance which was fine. I then realised quickly this was very large cattle! I don’t mind cattle, I have grown up walking among cattle in the fields which i walk in, however these were very big and I wasn’t sure if they were bulls or not. Again, I was on my own so if any were to charge at me it would be potentially a dangerous situation.

Therefore because of this, I retraced my steps back to the herd of horses, which I was kind of hoping I didn’t have to do! 😳. Once I got back to the herd of horses I then took a left turn which was a path leading me back towards Burrington. There was lots of horses grazing down here which seemed very happy. I got a little way down and to the left of me under some trees were more cattle. These were again very large with horns so I wasn’t too keen on going past alone. So again, I retraced my steps back to the herd of horses. Because all of the routes I didn’t feel I could do, I had no choice but to retrace my steps back to the monument.

So, that’s what I did! I was hoping to blog a route from Burrington Ham to Rowberrow Warren Woods but I’m guessing it just wasn’t meant to be today. It’s not always a bad thing to accept that you have to turn around and go back again another day. Although it can be frustrating at times. What I have decided to do is take the next few days to research the Black Down Hills and go back again another day! πŸ™‚

Thanks to all of you which follow my blogs! Hope you have enjoyed them and they will help you when we are all able to go out and explore further afield πŸ‘.

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