Burrington Ham. Route 1

Today I went to visit Burrington Ham which is located along the road of Burrington Combe. It is around a 15 minute drive from where I live in the South West, I have walked here many times growing up as a child and wanted to share this place with you all.

Burrington Ham is a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest – SSSI’ and is also part of ‘the ‘Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Beauty’.

There are many different routes which you can take up to Burrington Ham. I chose to blog the route which I often take to give you an idea of what to expect if you visit this place.

The postcode for the Burrington Ham car park is – BS40 7TZ.

Directions by car – Take the A368 from Churchill heading towards Blagdon. Just after Langford Green, turn right onto the B3134. Go past the first car park, through the quarry, and follow the road up and round. The car park will be on your left-hand side.

When I got to this car park today it was completely full. On a warm, dry, clear day it is good to arrive here early to make sure you can park. I parked safely on the other side of the road to the car park where there is a couple of spaces.

When I first arrived I took a photo of the map of the different routes which are shown on the board next to the sign for Burrington Ham. I then took the route to the left side of this which is underneath the trees. When I got to the top of this short path I came upon a metal gate which I went through, this lead me out into the open.

Once up out into the open I came to a wooden post. I saw a route in front of me which went straight ahead and a route to the left of me – I chose to take the left hand route. I walked along for about 30 seconds when I came to a point where there are two paths. You need to be very observant to spot this! It looks slightly like a ‘V’ shape. You are able to take either path because you cannot get lost upon Burrington Ham very easily, however, I took the right path.

I walked along this path for around 10 minutes until I reached a set of rocks in front of me. When I climbed up onto these rocks and looked back at the path I came along and I could also see another path to the left of this which is another route you can walk.

I then climbed down from the rocks and instead of taking the same path back walked slightly to the right across the open land. – You will be able to see this easily when you are there guys. šŸ™‚ I continued to walk across this land where there is a path which goes up a hill. This path is well-trodden and easy to see. Once I reached the top of this path it showed views of the land across the other side, as well as a sudden drop down towards the road. If you are taking your dog with you for this walk I would 100% suggest you have him on a lead. If you do not he may easily run over the edge! This has happened to many dogs up here on Burrington Ham, mainly people which do not know the area and don’t realise the sheer drop’s which are present.

Once I had enjoyed looking at the views up here for a little while I then turned left and followed the path along for around 10 minutes. When walking along I came past another wooden post on my left side. Once I got near the end of this path it took me to where I began my walk when I took the path on the right side, where I told you about the ‘V’ shape.

I continued my walk and turned slightly to the right to take me back down to the metal gate. I walked back through this gate and back down to the car park.

This walk took me 50 minutes. It would take less if I hadn’t stopped to enjoy the views for 10 minutes. There are many other routes to choose from at Burrington. I will walk a different route next time to share with you all!

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