Hey Guys, this is my blog about Stonehenge and what you can expect when you go there to visit.

Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world, many people travel here from all over the world every year to visit.

Stonehenge is located on the Salisbury Plains, around an hour from where I am located. The postcode which I used to get there is; SP4 7DE. It was easy to find and there was a large car park when I arrived. I went and bought my ticket from the ticket office which was £21.10, I then lined up to get the small minibus over to the site. When you have bought your tickets you can walk over to the site, however, I wanted to try out the minibus to see what it was like.

Once I got to the site I was free to walk around whichever way I wanted to go, there is no strict route you have to go. It was amazing to see because I have always wanted to see Stonehenge in person. It is often on the television and only down the road from me.

It was quite busy however I do think they try to stagger the number of people going there on the minibus so that it doesn’t become overcrowded and everyone then gets the chance to see it properly. Many years ago you would be able to walk straight over to the stones and touch them, now they are fenced off with a piece of rope to stop the stones from getting destroyed.

When I went to visit Stonehenge it was a really dry, sunny day which was good because it is all outdoors. Try and pick a day like this to go if you can because it makes all the difference!

After seeing Stonehenge I then looked around the 5 Neolithic House. These are replica’s of the house which they believe the builders of the monument lived in four and a half thousands years ago. These are situated just outside of the visitor centre. These houses have been built by volunteers to enable visitors to see what it would have looked like many years ago and how people lived. They have lovely thatched roofs and have furniture inside too.

At the Stonehenge Visitor Centre there is also an ‘Exhibition’ as well as a cafe too which is great so that you can stop and have a break before carrying on to see the next thing.

This blog hopefully will help you out so that you know what to expect from this tourist attraction. If you enjoy historic sites you 100% enjoy this day out.

The official website for Stonehenge is; – This will help you to find out the current tickets prices and other information you may wish to know.

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