The Lake District

Hey Guys, I am back with another blog. This blog is all about my trip to the Lake District and a couple of places which I visited whilst I was there. Hope it helps you out with your own trip.πŸ‘

When I went to the Lake District I went for 4 days which was enough time for what I wanted to do there. I had gone there to walk Scafell Pike which was the main reason for my trip. This didn’t, however, happen in the end but I will explain all of this to you!

One of the places which I visited whilst in the Lake District was Beatrix Potter’s house, Hill Top. This was an amazing place to visit, I love every part of it. I am a big fan of Beatrix Potter books so I was keen to go here. Whilst I was here I joined the National Trust as it was much cheaper to go into if I joined. I knew I would use this card for other places too so it was a great thing to do.

Hill Top is located in Ambleside, it wasn’t too hard to find, I used this postcode to find it – LA22 0LF. Once there we parked in one of the car parks and found our way in. We had time to wander among the garden which was very pretty. Lots of vegetables growing and plants.

Beatrix Potter purchased Hill Top in 1905, it remained a working farm whilst she had it and still does today. Beatrix Potter left all of her property to the National Trust when she died in 1943. This is where Beatrix Potter got many inspirations for her tales.

From what I remember, because this trip was some time ago now, I think we had been given a time slot for the house to manage the number of people going inside. Once inside there were lots of Beatrix’s drawings and books which were so great to see up close.

You will love exploring all around her house as I did. There is a small gift shop, it is near to the little white gate which you will remember from one of her books :).

On a different day, we decided to go to see the local steam engine trains. This wasn’t too far from where we stayed. This website link will take you directly to the train timetables and gives you great information –

Going on the train for half the day was enjoyable, especially as the weather was wet the entire time we were there! πŸ˜…. It was really good to see the surrounding area differently and see a huge collection of different trains. You will enjoy it guys!

We also spent some time in Windermere which was a lovely place to be. Windermere is also the name of the largest lake in England. It is one of the most famous and popular places alongside Ambleside in the Lake District. If you go to the Lake District you don’t want to miss going to visit here.

The main reason we went to The Lake District was to walk Scafell Pike. It is 978 metres high and is England’s highest mountain. The postcode for Scafell Pike is CA20 1EX, which is Wasdale Head. This mountain we were prepared for like we usually do with all the equipment we needed as you have seen in my previous blogs with the equipment list. We had checked the weather forecast on the Met office which looked good enough to complete the walk.

When we arrived at the car park the weather ended up looking sunny .. ish but it was a little cloudy. This wasn’t great so we decided because we are experienced walkers to start and see how it goes and retrace our steps back down if we needed to. It is better to do this than put yourself in danger.

We walked across the fields and over the river which is the start of the walk until we got to a gate which we passed through. We then carried on through a farmyard which took us to another gate. Here we carried on straight up. By this point, the cloud had started to come in quite quickly and it had started to rain. The rain then got heavier very quickly! We ended up discussing things through with each other and decided to make our way down.

When we came to this conclusion we could barely see in front of us which can be very dangerous when on top of a mountain. This wasn’t a nice decision because we had travelled 5 hours from where we live to walk this mountain but it was the right decision, remember you can always go back and try another day and make the most of what you have around you instead. I was hoping to go and walk Scafell Pike this year however it doesn’t seem I will be able until next year now! I have a lot more reading up to do about this mountain because it isn’t an easy one to summit but when I do I will write my blog for you all!

I have uploaded my images of the path we took to show you all. πŸ‘

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