Cheddar Reservoir and Cheddar Gorge

This my blog about my surrounding area, Cheddar Reservoir and Cheddar Gorge. Hopefully, this will help those of you wanting to visit the area to see what is on offer.

I started my walk from the Axbridge end of the reservoir. To get to the reservoir I just need to walk through a couple of fields and I am there.

Cheddar/Axbridge reservoir is a great place to visit. It is surrounded by beautiful landscape and lots of wildlife. The distance around it is about 2.2 miles. When walking around you can see Crooks Peak which is a local place to walk, as well as Brent Knoll and Cheddar Gorge.

I started by walking the reservoir anti-clockwise, it can be very windy here sometimes so it is always good to have a jacket of some sort. After walking for a little while I reached the second tower, I had walked past the first one at the beginning of the walk, this then lead me into Cheddar. You can reach Cheddar many different ways, walking along the last part of the Strawberry Line or through the rugby fields as well.

Once in Cheddar, I gave myself a little tour so I could take photos of some of the best places for you guys to go and see if you visit for the day or holiday.

The first place I came to on the route around Cheddar was ‘The White Hart’ pub. This is a great local cheddar pub which many people go to whatever the weather and at every time of year. Lots of the locals and tourists enjoy going here during the summer, sitting outside or out in the back garden and during the winter lots of people go here for the ‘Cheddar Festive Night’ and Christmas Eve :).

The second place I came to was ‘The Gorge View’ Holiday apartments. These I have not stayed in myself but I have heard they are a great place to stay if you are looking for a small break in Cheddar!

Genuine Cheddar Tea Rooms can’t be missed when you are walking past. It looks like a lovely little place to pop in and have a cup of tea or a good cider 👍. They have a small gift shop too.

Cheddar Paws Bakery opened in 2018 and is very popular with all their local visitors. This a great little place to take your dog for a treat and to sit and have a coffee too. 🐶

The next place I walked past was ‘Rockface’ cafe. This cafe is set back into the scenery in Cheddar Gorge. It is 2/3’s of the way up on the left hand side. A great place to go for lunch!

The ‘Original Cheddar Cheese Company’ and ‘Cafe Gorge’ are great places. I had lunch in Cafe Gorge last summer with a friend, they do amazing food there. 😀

The Lion Rock Tea Rooms has been here in Cheddar for a long time. It is situated right in front of the famous ‘Lion Rock’ 👍. I have been here many times for a cup of tea with a friend. They are always very friendly and nothing is too much trouble.

Next, I headed back down the gorge on the other side. Tuckers is where I went next. This place does amazing fish and chips. I have always got my chips from here. You can have take away or you can sit in if you would like to. I would really recommend you going here if you are visiting Cheddar!

The Mousehole Cafe and Restaurant is situated just down the gorge on the right hand side. They have a great menu of food and drinks, they do a great ‘Clotted Cream Tea’.

The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company is another great little shop to go into. This is situated right next door to ‘Cheddar Gorge Cheese Factory’. As you walk down the gorge this is on the right hand side.

Cheddar Fish and Chips Restaurant sell really great fish and chips too, there is a couple of places to choose from if you come to Cheddar. You are also able to sit inside here if you would rather, or outside in the sunshine in the summer months.

The last place which I came to was The Riverside pub. This is a really popular pub for all of the locals and visitors to Cheddar Gorge. They sell great food, lots of cider and snacks too! They have a play area outside for children, two indoor seating areas inside, one for a quiet drink and one which is a sports bar and lots of seating outside on the green and decking area.

Hope this has helped any of you which may be thinking of visiting Cheddar Gorge in the future. Let me know how you get on!

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