This is my blog of when I walked Snowdon :). Hope this helps all of you out which are interested in walking this mountain. It is worth all of your effort walking this, you will be rewarded with amazing views when you get to the top!

Brief Description of Snowdon, Pyg Track, Miners Track.

** Height of Snowdon: 1085 Metres.

** Difficulty: Moderate – Requires a good level of fitness.

**Distance: Pyg Track – 3.5 miles. Miners Track – 4 miles.

**Ascent to Descent: 750 Metres each way.

**Duration: 5 – 7 Hours Average.

Make sure you are prepared for walking Snowdon in every way. There are always a lot of people walking Snowdon each year that you can see are not prepared and underestimate Snowdon.

For walking Snowdon you will need;

**A Map and Compass.

**Make sure you are Fit, Well Dressed and have Appropriate Footwear. – Make sure you have layers you can take off and waterproofs guys! People often think this mountain is easy to climb, remember it is still a tough mountain to climb.

**A Walking Bag – Make sure you have plenty of food and drink with you. Make sure you have snacks which are high energy.

** Hat and Sunglasses. A winter hat and scarf. It can be very cold on the top even on a hot day!

** A charged torch.

** Whistle.

** First Aid Kit. Including an insulated foil blanket.

**Check the Snowdon weather reports. Check the weather the day before as well as the morning of your walk. The MetOffice is good to use – This is what I use.

**I would suggest to climb Snowdon in July or August when the weather is at it’s best however if you are planning to climb between March and May be prepared for snow to be still on the peak and surrounding area.

**Always tell someone where you are going. This is one of the most important tips. If anything happened to you when walking or climbing a mountain you need to know somebody would raise the alarm for you, if you weren’t able to.

Whenever I go to walk Snowdon I plan to stay there the night before the walk, I then walk Snowdon and stay that night too so we can rest up and then travel back home the next day. It takes around 4 hours to get to Snowdonia from the South West so wherever you are from make sure you allow plenty of time to travel.

The place which I have stayed in a couple of times when walking Snowdon is the Porthmadog Travelodge. This is a great place to stay which is affordable and close to Snowdon. When I have stayed here the last couple of times I have been unable to sleep very well because of the seagulls in the mornings! If you are a deep sleeper then this may not bother you however I find this hard to sleep through 😴

When I walked Snowdon last year I walked it with my mum. Its always nice to be able to share the experience with someone if you want to. We left our Travelodge about 5:30am. The route we took which we have walked a few times is called ‘The Pyg Track’. This route is 7 miles/11 kilometres there and back. This is a good route for beginners and experienced climbers, it is one of the most popular routes. We took this route up and for our decent we took ‘The Miner’s Route’. The Miner’s Route runs parallel to the Pyg Track and has amazing views of Snowdon’s lakes.

We arrived at the ‘Pen -Y- Pass’ car park at 6:30am. The postcode for this car park is LL55 4NY. There are lots of car parks depending on which route you are choosing to walk up to the summit. This particular car park gets very busy, very early, because it is the starting point of a few walks. If you arrive after 6:30am you are going to struggle to park. There is another car park further down the road, you can pay for a taxi or a shuttle bus up to the start which doesn’t cost much at all. At the car park there is a block of toilets which you can use before your ascent. This is a very popular route therefore expect a lot of ‘People Traffic’ which is why I like to start early to avoid a lot of this!

When we started we walked behind the Pen-y-Pass Cafe, past a wooden post with a blue ‘Pyg Track’ sign which indicated the correct route. The path then continued to run alongside Carreg Gwalch heading west directly towards the dominating East Ridge of Crib Goch. 1.5km on and the path then split below Grib Goch. It is really important that when you are walking you make sure you stay on the right paths at all times :). I am used to a lot of walking and navigating my way around but if you are not experienced at this make sure you pay attention, it is easy to start walking on a different path without realising it!

We then continued to walk for 2km where the ridge of Crib Goch is above, with Llyn Llydaw below. It is always busy when we go to walk Snowdon so it is always fairly easy to see the route as everyone is going the same way. The Pyg Track then took us directly through the basin of the Snowdon Horseshoe and then continued. 😀. There are some rocky sections but these are not too difficult, especially if you are used to climbing like us.

After some more walking, we then reached a smaller lake, the lakes are really pretty to see. We both then reached a stone marker which shows where the Pyg Track and the Miners Track meets. The path then became a lot more steeper as we got closer to the ascent. If you take breaks when you need to this will help you. We often stopped a couple of times just to have a drink. The path then changed into a zigzag route which meant we weren’t too far from the top.

The path then emerged at the top to join the main Llanberis Path running alongside the Snowdon Mountain Railway. This part of the track was quite busy because it is where the Llanberis, Pyg Track, Miners, Ranger and Crib Goch/Garnedd Ugain routes all intersect for the summit of Snowdon. We then followed the path alongside the railway for the last gradual ascent to the summit. When we got to this point there were steps which took us to the Snowdon summit. The views were amazing on the summit, we were very lucky to have such good weather. 👍

When we were at the summit we went into the cafe to use the toilet and had our lunch here too. There are lots of benches available to sit down and have your lunch before you make the descent.

After our lunch, we made our descent down the Miners Track. I always enjoy going a different route back down to see different views and variation. We headed back along down the railway until we reached the large standing market stone indicating the right turn down towards the Pyg Track and Miners route. We then followed the zigzag path back down the Pyg Track until we reached the large stone. Here we took the right hand path, this was quite a steep slope down and reaches the edge of the lake and is the end of the Pyg Track.

We were then onto the Miners Track! The Miners Track runs around the edge of the Llyn Llydaw, there are often lots of people cooling down in the lake on their way back! The Miners path then took us alongside the shoreline meandering around the lake and over the walkway crossing the lake. This walk back was very relaxed after our route up and it was nice to take in the scenery with an easier walk back. We then reached the small lake of Llyn Teyrn.

We then had a further 1.5km back to the car park which was a really nice stroll with great views.

If you choose to walk Snowdon you will LOVE it. It is an amazing mountain to walk. 🙂 I have walked Snowdon a few times and would always go back. Just make sure you are prepared, that is the main thing. Making sure you have the right footwear and clothing is key, as well as making sure you have the right equipment with you in case the unexpected did happen whilst climbing.

Let me know how you all get on!

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