Things To Do In Rome

After Sorrento, we travelled to Rome by train. We travelled first to Naples which has a much bigger train station by train from Sorrento and there we got tickets to Rome. There are a number of different trains you can get to Rome. Fast ones which cost more, quite slow ones which obviously cost less. We got the train which took 3 hours which was in the middle and wasn’t too expensive.

Once in Rome we walked to our hotel which was a 20 minute walk from the train station, named ‘Termini Station’, we planned this to be close so we were able to hop on a train if we wanted to go somewhere by train.

Rome was an amazing place to stay in with so much to see! We planned to stay here for 6 days to make sure we had plenty of time to see everything we wanted to 👍. So this is everything we did!

To begin with we went to Trevi Fountain and walked around to see all the local bars and restaurants. It was amazing to see the fountain, very busy but a must. We went here in the evening and back in the day time to see it in different lights. Be aware the bars and restaurants are much more expensive in this area because of the large attractions nearby.

On our second day in Rome we bought tickets for the ‘Hop On, Hop Off’ bus. A man approached us in the street, talking it all through with us and took us to a small shop to pay – we thought we might be being conned at the time but we trusted him and we weren’t 😄. Sometimes you just have to trust the locals! Most people mean well when travelling. This was the best way to travel around, we got off at all the attractions we wanted to in walking distance and it was a great way to travel around quick and efficiently.

The Colosseum! This was the main thing I wanted to see in Rome. We pre-booked our tickets on this website – Make sure you do this, the queue is very long outside and you will be waiting for hours if you don’t. We went straight in on the time slot we had been given.

We didn’t choose to do a tour for the Colosseum as we wanted to take our time to walk around and stop where we wanted to. You don’t need a tour of this place because all of the architecture and galleries around the Colosseum are all explained in 3 different languages with of course one being English! It was better than I expected!

The Vatican City. We got off the ‘Hop On, Hop Off’ bus at the closest stop which was about a 10 minute walk from the city. We didn’t pre book tickets to go here, we waited around 4 hours to get into here. 😫. If you don’t want to waste time queuing there are ways of buying tickets to skip the que or I would recommend pre booking your tickets online.

We saw the famous ‘Sistine Chapel’ which was nice to see. You have to be quite religious to visit this sort of place. We appreciated everything here but there was a lot to see. You would need 2 days or more here to see everything without rushing.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

The Spanish Steps. This was also on our list of places we wanted to see. A nice area, plenty to see and do here, and a nice shopping area to visit which is just 5 minutes from the steps. Again here it is not a cheap area but if you look around you can find things at a reasonable price.

Embed from Getty Images

The Pantheon! This was a nice piece of history to see. Make sure when you go that your shoulders are covered otherwise they will not let you in 👍. The same goes for the Vatican City too, it is always good to have a scarf in your bag in case you get to these places so you don’t waste time having to buy a piece of clothing to wear or going back to your hotel.

Piazza Navona. This is one of the largest piazza squares in Rome. Surrounding the square are restaurants, musicians and artists which give a great atmosphere.

The hotel which we stayed in was ‘Hotel Santa Prassede’ which was a great hotel, we chose to pay for a cheap hotel so we didn’t expect a lot but this was clean and the staff were really friendly. This was a great area to stay. It was out of the main part of Rome where everything is much more expensive but it was still just a 20 minute walk to the Colosseum. In this area we had lots of nice restaurants which we went back to a few times! One of them was called ‘Gran Caffe Maggiore’ which had great food and service. There was lots of ice cream places to go and visit too which we spent a lot of time at.

And lastly a very important tip for you … Buses guys!!! Make sure that when you get a public bus in Rome that you get on and buy a ticket when you are on the bus. Don’t assume that maybe it is free like we did. When we got on the bus nobody mentioned a ticket, we also couldn’t see anybody scanning anything either and everyone was rushing to get on. It was packed on there too. It turns out you need to buy the ticket from a machine on the bus. 😳 We didn’t get caught without a ticket luckily, but after getting the bus on our first night we researched it. It is around a 100 euro fine if you do get caught, even if your a tourist and don’t know, therefore make sure you purchase a ticket. 😂

I have used my photos which I took whilst I was in Rome although I have added some stock photos for you all because some of my photos just don’t justify what the places look like! Hope you enjoy travelling here and please let me know how you get on.

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