Things To Do In Sorrento

Hey Guys. This is my first blog on my site which is about my trip to Sorrento along with tips to help you out.

I set off from my local airport, the flights to Italy are about 2 hours 45 minutes from England which is not too bad! I chose to fly into Naples Airport. From here I planned to get the Hydrofoil to Sorrento making it a bit more of an adventure. A hydrofoil is a boat basically on ski’s! I hadn’t been on one before so I 100% wanted to give it a go.

When I arrived in Naples there was taxi drivers just outside in front of the airport all lined up. I planned to get a taxi to the Hydrofoil Port because it was much easier than the buses or coaches and wasn’t that expensive. We lined up in the que and waited for a free taxi.

With Naples taxi’s there are two prices. The price you ask for before getting into the taxi (which is displayed on a board, with different destinations), and the one you pay if you get into the taxi without requesting the price first which is on the board. Be aware you need to state you want the price on the board before getting in the tax or even walking over to the taxi. I knew about this before going, from research, and still managed to end up paying around 5 Euro more. It happened so quick and next time I will be ready, haha.

The taxi driver was a great guy who made up for it and gave us lots of information whilst in the taxi about Naples. He used his google translator to communicate with us most of the time and pointed out lots of site seeing places on the way to the port.

The Hydrofoil and Ferry Port in Naples is called ‘Solo Beverello’. If you tell the taxi driver this they will know what you mean. Once at the port, it was fairly easy to see which company you book for the hydrofoil to get a ticket and they do run fairly often, we waited about 1 hour for our hydrofoil, which wasn’t too bad.

If you do get a little travel sick then you may want to take some travel tablets before getting on the hydrofoil. It was a great experience, I love to try new things, it can be a bumpy ride – but fun.

We stayed in Sorrento for 2 days. A nice place to stay in Italy, the food was great and the area was very scenic. The first day we planned to go to Pompeii.

We got the train to Pompeii which was really easy. The train station was close to the apartment, about 10 minutes walking distance, the people on the ticket desk were helpful in making sure we purchased the right ticket. The train to Pompeii was around a 30 – 40 minute journey with every stop signposted just like the London Underground! If we got stuck at all we just asked somebody on the train and they were happy to help. 🙂

Pompeii was a good day out, especially if you want to see the history of Pompeii. We managed to see Mount Vesuvius from Pompeii :). We chose not to get a guide, this was a BIG mistake, trust me! If you choose to go here make sure you get a guide. Remember this whole city has been destroyed by a volcanic eruption so everything is ruins. We regretted not getting a guide and if we go here again we will get one.

Embed from Getty Images

In Sorrento there is a lovely harbourside which had small restaurants, it was nice to see this part of Italy before moving on to Rome. We did regret slightly having 2 days here because it wasn’t enough, but we planned it this way to have plenty of time in Rome, therefore, if you are planning on going I would recommend 5 days.

I am going back in April 2021 for 5 days due to having had to change my flights from Scotland, to walk Ben Nevis, last minute because of Covid-19. The things I am planning on doing is;

** Visiting the Island of Capri

** Walking Mount Vesuvius

** Renting a car along the Amalfi Coast

** And hopefully lots more!

There are boat trips which go to the Island of Capri which seems fairly easy to book. I know we are able to get the train to Mount Vesuvius. Renting a car to the Amalfi Coast will be a beautiful day out.

Once I have carried out my trip here I will share another blog with you all to let you know tips and other things I managed to do. If you go before me, feel free to comment below and let me know how you got on!

Thanks, Rach.

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